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Antonio and Gelasia Cao fell in love hace más de 50 años while working at Cuba’s most renowned bakery at the time, La Vencedora. Los enamorados se casaron, emigraron a Miami as political exiles, y soon had enough money saved up to buy a small panaderia in Hialeah.

In 1972, Antonio and Gelasia abrieron las puertas to Vicky Bakery. “I started making pastries here the way I made them in Cuba, and they’ve been incredibly successful,” Antonio said. “To this day, we haven’t changed the recipe, and to this day it continues to be one of the better pastries that my clients say they have eaten.”

Vicky Bakery has remained a family business—Antonio and Gelasia’s children have expanded the bakery’s reach to 20 different locations in South Florida, with plans to continue expanding.

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