Cuban Pastelitos

We are a family-owned business serving up pastelitos in Miami since 1972. Our specialty Cuban pastries are made with a family recipe that has been passed down from abuelito to abuelo.

We’ve got everything from cakes to cafecitos, to sandwiches and pastelitos. Visítanos at one of our 23 panaderias throughout South Florida to have a taste.

Vegan Pan Cubano

New Vegan bread for our customers that follow a vegan diet.  As the Cuban bread experts spent 12 months developing the recipe to meet the demands of our customers.

Ready Made - Cakes

Vicky Bakery is one of Miami’s great treasures. People come from all over the world to indulge on our famous cakes.

Vicky Cares

Vicky Bakery has been a part of The Magic City for nearly five decades. We were born and bred in Miami, the place that allowed us to grow and thrive. We love giving back to the community that raised us by partnering with charities, organizations and causes that make Miami a better place. As we continue to grow, we look forward to connecting with new communities and supporting their movements.